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lipstiknbruisez's Journal

Just Passing Time
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I THINK THEREFORE I AM! a philosipher said one time.
drawing a line between body and mind but before he asked the damn question everybody was FINE
what a crime! how fast the dumbass masses go blind just to pass the time..
i think loud therefore i am loud... to get the thought out...
but back in class my sorry ass got bought out conform to the norm of the silence within my shell.
educating? its more like salavating.
"color within the lines Jess or youre not going to pass the course, and what the hell is that supposed to be it doesnt even look like a horse!thats it you get a D- " another example of the schoolboard's finest...
but so many people around here it makes it hard to get it out
it sounds like when you found it that you drown it in your doubt

fuck it, i allow the crowd to think that i'm too proud...
cause im thinking out loud...

are you programed to speak? no i guess not.

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