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YOURE NOT HERE, so where are you now? where where where.


welllllll now.
my head feels better.
moms who wont take thier kids to the doctor=suck.
thats why kids use other means of pain relief.
like saying "FUCK YOU"
for example
or if youre a stupid shit like me you take some pain killers.
and then you think all the bad thinks that you dont wanna think.
like about shitty guys.
because guys=suck.
ecspecially ones that suck.
meghan rukes though.
cause im her mom now and shes mine.
and thats sweet.
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i found you first try on this.

were you on the news tonight on a segment about trying to raise math scores? well i think i saw you, or someone very similar to you. just letting you know, popparazzi may have won this time.

this is,
bryyyan (kts friend)
hahahahaha yes that was me
i wanted to see that..i am a celebrity.

if you want, add me to your friends list with the name you use. so i can tell people "yea thats right, i know the girl from the news"

but more importantly, the question we have all been wondering...
DID you raise your math scores?

i will definately add you to my friends list on my new name.

and i havent taken the test yet, so i cant find out until october if i raised my scores or not. how thrilling ay?

see you tonight at salsa dancing!!!
added back sucka.

well when october rolls around hit me up with yo' answer!

i did see you at salsa dancing tonight, and it was amazing!